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Sea Turtles 911

Sea Turtles are Endangered: Help!

Sea Turtles 911 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles. Our efforts are focused in China on the Hainan Island coastal regions, home to the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle and the endangered Green Sea Turtle. Our endeavors here are complicated, and perhaps all the more so crucial, in light of the fact that the regionís people have a long standing practice of hunting sea turtles for their

meat and gathering sea turtle eggs from beaches to be sold as dining delicacies. As plain as it may seem that such practices are wrong, reversing an ingrained tradition and threatening peopleís livelihoods are matters which must be approached with certain tact. While taking firm action to save as many sea turtles as we can on a daily basis, we acknowledge that our efforts can only make a measurable and sustained difference if we can spread awareness and appreciation for sea turtles among the local people, eventually converting would be poachers into protectors and allies of these magnificent, graceful, and gentle creatures.
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Learn Chinese and Volunteer in China
Chinese government works with Sea Turtles 911 to rescue and release sea turtles

Lingshui: Chinese government police worked together with Sea Turtles 911 to rescue and release a sea turtle from poachers on Hainan Island. The turtle underwent several months of rehabilitation due to malnourishment and a broken shell at ST911's floating sea turtle hospital. Chinese police involvement in sea turtle rescue and conservation has steadily increased as illegal sea turtle poaching persists despite drastically declining numbers of sea turtles in China. full story...

IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group and Sea Turtles 911 spread conservation awareness in China

Sanya: Several sea turtles rehabilitated by Sea Turtles 911 were released at Yalong Bay with the support of Dr. Nicolas Pilcher, Co-Chair of the International Conservation Union (IUCN). Participants were given a sea turtle conservation presentation as part of an ecotourism partnership between Sea Turtles 911 and the Ritz-Carlton. The released turtles were rescued from the illegal turtle trade in China, which is thriving due to the demand for sea turtle products. full story...

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