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Sea Turtles 911

Help! Sea turtles are being sold as food and shell products. YOU can make a difference by donating.

  • Turtles caught from ocean

  • Smuggled by poachers

  • Stuffed in sacks for sale

  • Packaged in shipping boxes

  • Sold in restaurants

  • Shells made into bracelets

  • Assorted turtle shell products

  • Turtles as trophy wall mount

  • Turtle products sold on streets

  • Turtle products sold in malls


Sea Turtles 911 is a non-profit organization so our ability to continue helping sea turtles is completely dependant on donations of caring individuals and socially responsible corporations. In addition to daily feedings, many of our rescued turtles are sick and in need of medication. We've become experts at getting the most out of our money, but the costs still add up quickly and a little help is always appreciated.
Volunteer interns helping sea turtle amputee
Turtle Rescue & Research
We need medicine and other medical supplies for our rescued turtle patients, as well as specialized diets to feed sea turtles. Upon recovery, the turtles are released and we attach identification tags and satellite transmitters to track the turtles so that we know where, in the vast ocean, they spend most of their time feeding, resting, and nesting. Upon discovering these sea turtle hotspots, we can work with enforcement officials to patrol these areas so fishermen do not catch the turtles in their home areas.
Sea Turtles 911 volunteers cleanup beach
Volunteer Expenses & Supplies
We recruit and train local volunteers who show an obvious love for the natural world and great promise in furthering conservation efforts in the Asia Pacific region. They assist in our day-to-day sea turtle care, hospital upkeep, and community outreach programs. Our volunteers are unpaid and have devoted their lives (or a great deal of time) to helping us save sea turtles. In return for this long-term commitment, we cover some of their expenses; for example, transportation and supplies to conduct beach clean-ups with the local community.
Students teach kids about sea turtles

Public Education Programs & Awareness Campaigns
We are deeply committed to changing the hearts and minds of people locally and globally in regards to how sea turtles are viewed and used. To do this, we rely on our various campaigns to educate the public. We run a variety of education programs to teach people on the importance of sea turtles to the planet. These programs are developed for different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Implementation of these programs require costs to run smoothly. As the United Nations once said, "Education is the great equalizer of our time. It gives hope to the hopeless and creates chances for those without." Please give hope to the voiceless animals of our time!

Thank you for your support

Thank you for lending a flipper!
With your donation, the good people at Sea Turtles 911 will have the support to work for the rights and lives of sea turtles - giving hope for a better future.

Wherever you are, you can join the global 911 volunteer team to help turtles from anywhere!